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2022 Mercedes-Benz C220d Review

Quick Facts:

  • Price: From R950 650
  • Engine: 2.0-litre turbodiesel
  • Transmission: 9-speed auto
  • Power/Torque: 147kW/440Nm
  • Fuel Consumption: 4.6 L/100 km (claimed)

The business class sedan is an interesting segment, dominated by the German trio. After spending some time with the petrol variant a few months ago, we eventually got our hands on what we think is the pick of the bunch, the diesel-powered C220d. The locally built sweetheart is Powered by a mild-hybrid 2.0-litre turbodiesel power plant that churns out 147kw and a healthy 440nm of torque via a nine-speed automatic transmission, the Mercedes-Benz C220d returns a healthy fuel economy. The manufacturer claims a 4.6L/100km and we are happy to report that we even did better by achieving 4.2L/100km during our tenure with a fuel tank range of 1400kms on its 66L tank.

Priced from R966 599, the Mercedes-Benz C220d is definitely worth the price tag. It offers a superb power train & economy, excellent levels of refinement and comfort while the tech-laden interior feels like a NASA spaceship. The exterior definitely takes its cues from its older sibling, the S-Class, our unit was dressed in the AMG-line body kits which we think every customer should tick. The 19-inch multi-spoke alloys have always been our favourite within the Mercedes-Benz family and they did not disappoint on the C220d. The exterior, from the grille to the rear has been styled brilliantly and the kerb appeal is hard to beat. 

Inside, was a spaceship. While the vertical infotainment screen has been a major talking point, we found it amazing, intuitive and easy to use our problem is the placement of the “Hazards” button. Other highlights include the leather stitched dashboard, door handles, sports seats which are comfortable as well as ambient lighting which brightens the cabin up nicely at night. There is also a digital driver’s display which is customisable and offers clean, crisp displays. While most people have complained about the capacitive buttons on the steering wheel, we have found them very easy and effortless to use, but then again, that might be the millennial in us.

It is a comfortable and smooth driving experience. In comparison to the previous model, you can tell that the suspension has been improved tenfold. The ride quality is extremely comfortable, and the car feels more planted and secure. It feels as if the engine is never under any strain thanks to the light steering and responsive engine. The fuel economy is really good and this is where the mild-hybrid technology comes into play. When your car is coasting, it’ll recover energy, which it then discharges when you pull away, or execute an overtaking manoeuvre, thereby reducing the engine’s workload and negating turbo lag. The turbodiesel engine delivers a great combination of performance and economy. A 7.3-second sprint from a standstill shows it's no slouch. The only thing to remember is that you never want to drive it in a hurry.

The 9-speed automatic transmission is a winner in Mercedes-Benz products. It always finds the right gear at the right time while maximising efficiency. 

Overall, we would recommend the C220d any day! And this is purely on the basis of refinement and fuel economy. The driving experience is much more sedate and relaxed, the engine feels stronger and quieter, and the ride is smoother. It is also quite luxurious and feels really premium. We definitely think it has been worth the wait and might just be a segment leader. 


From R950 650

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