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Driven - Audi Q2

Quick Facts:

  • Price: From R545 500
  • Engine: 1.4-litre petrol engine
  • Transmission: 8-speed auto
  • Power/Torque:110kW /250Nm

By Kumbi Mtshakazi

The market for compact SUVs is overflowing In fact, besides manufacturers pushing for electrification by a certain year, manufacturers have pushed for compact SUVs or crossovers so much that buyers find themselves at a loss on what to buy.

In the segment and on the market, the Audi Q2 is not new. In what was an exciting week, I had an opportunity to test the entry-level compact SUV from Audi.

Regarding its looks, the Q2 receives some much-needed upgrades in keeping with Audi's design culture. These include matrix LED headlights at the front, sequential turn signals at the rear, and further interior upgrades. I also found the alloys on my test unit really good looking, they reminded me of the alloy wheels that were on the Audi S3 that I fell in love with in 2013. 

Inside, my test unit featured fabric sport seats, and while comfortability was not an issue, most people were bothered by the fact that the seats were not upholstered in leather. I have to admit, I understood their predicament visually. I'm happy to report, though, that these seats are extremely comfortable and supportive. Buyers can easily connect their devices to the Q2 thanks to screen mirroring and Bluetooth capabilities. Considering how clean, clear and good looking the digital displays are at the stable, it was a bit disappointing to see an analogue display in the driver's seat. However, the digital display is included in the Technology Package and costs R35 200.

Don't be intimidated by the naming convention of my test unit, it was the 35 TFSI. The VW group has done a lot to this engine over the years, and this is the 1.4 TFSI that I have loved. With its manufacturing capability of 110kW/250N.m, the 1.4 engine is the only engine on offer and this power plant is incredibly efficient. Power is sent to the front wheel via an 8-speed automatic transmission (previously the 7-speed auto) and everything works well together. Although decent, acceleration from a standstill to 100 isn't exciting, I mean, the Q2 isn't meant to be a boy racer, Power is delivered power smoothly, without straining the engine. However, overtaking and zipping your way around is effortless! 

Despite the fact that the Audi Q2 is not a car conducive to heavy driving or speed racer boy vibes, it does handle corners and bends well. In addition to offering excellent ride quality, the MQB platform is also known for its outstanding handling and driving characteristics.

The Audi Q2 is available with Five driving modes: Auto, Efficiency, Comfort, Dynamic, and Individual.

Generally speaking, the Audi Q2 looks fantastic, feels premium, and is a great entry into the brand's SUV lineup. While the pricing looks a bit high, the price is somewhat justified. Even though the powertrain produces great fuel economy, I worry about the lack of the brand's excellent MMI technology or the digital driver's display. Occasionally, the price of a well-equipped Q2 can also be quite high, which makes me wonder if people should then consider the Q3 range, which is a better option for families - without taking anything away from the Q2.


Audi Q2 Advanced - From R545 500

Price as tested - R678 050

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