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Launch Drive - New Volkswagen Taigo

The battle of the compact SUV continues to an intensity almost every month. Volkswagen has finally launched the coupe SUV the Taigo, which is based on the same platform as their T-Cross and it joins the T-SUV family within the Volkswagen family as the sixth member. It’s said to be more stylish (we agree), feature-packed and has more space and better comfort.

The Taigo is based on its siblings the Polo, as well as the T-Cross and it packs a lot of standard equipment on the exterior as well as interior. It is also flatter and longer than the T-Cross and has a ground clearance of 137 mm as well as an impressive boot space of 440 litres. The Taigo will be available in three trims, the Life,  Style - as well as the R-Line trim. As mentioned all models are adequately optioned, with wheels ranging from 17-inch to 18-inches, a panoramic roof, digital driver display across the range, wireless charging, cloth or leather seats, LED head and taillamps are standard while IQ. Matrix headlights are available on the Style and R-Line packages. As mentioned earlier, it’s really feature packed.

In terms of drivetrain, the Taigo is powered by a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine that delivers 80kW/200nm of torque and it is paired to a 7-speed famous DSG gearbox. The drive is smooth and composed and the DSG transmission does a great job at shifting. Power is delivered gradually with no hassles and if you have driven the T-Cross, you will love the Taigo Something we are used to within the Volkswagen Group. The raised height also ensures great visibility while the coupe-like shape does not compromise headroom. During our 300-kilometre launch stint,  our drive was super efficient and we were not trying to be efficient. Volkswagen has perfected the ability to develop fuel-efficient cars and this is evident yet again in their Taigo. We averaged a mere 6.0L/100kms which is not far off their claimed fuel figures 0f 5.4L/100kms. 

In terms of safety, the Taigo comes well equipped with the latest safety features such as 

IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist. A system which permits partly automated driving in, the system can steer, brake and accelerate the Taigo at speeds between 30 and 200 km/h. The driver must however remain responsible for the control of the car and must keep their hands on the steering wheel even when IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist is active.

Predictive ACC. This is the latest generation of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works together with the DSG transmission and navigation system to proactively take into account local speed limit information, town boundary signs, junctions and traffic circles. 

Side Assist plus Lane Assist. 

Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist. This optional feature uses a radar sensor integrated into the front of the vehicle to continuously monitor the distance to the vehicles ahead. If the driver does not brake hard enough, the system automatically generates the necessary amount of brake pressure to prevent a collision. 

Driver Alert System. The Driver Alert System, which comes as standard, detects if the driver has lost concentration and sends them an acoustic warning lasting five seconds. In addition, a break recommendation is displayed in the instrument cluster. 

Park Assist. Park Assist automatically guides the car into perpendicular or parallel parking spaces and can reverse the car out of the latter as well. 

The Taigo is priced from R429 900 and will top out at R486 000 for the range-topping R-Line trim. Volkswagen hopes to sell 2000 units of these units this year.

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